Kaleidoscope Artistry by Timothy Krause

Real Sample Image from Number 7 Real Sample Image from Number 7 Real Sample Image from Number 7

Artist Proof Collection 2008

This collection of Artist Proof kaleidoscopes represents distinction in style, function, form, colors, and technique. Each of the kaleidoscopes are unique and feature the highest quality in craftsmanship and materials. None of these scopes will ever be duplicated.

The artist has been known for his stained glass "Brewster's Cove" lighthouse kaleidoscopes, as featured in Cozy Baker's book, Kaleidoscopes, Wonders of Wonders. This recent body of work reveals his love of wood and the wood turning process.

Artist Proof : Number 7 - SOLD

The scope measures 8 1/4 inches tall by 2 3/4 inches wide at the object cell end and 2 1/2 inches at the eye piece. The straight body is 2 1/2 inches in diameter with 24 shallow coves carved into the side of the body. The wood used for the scope is two shades of Sapelle, Peruvian Walnut and Cherry. The scope has been finished with six coats of hand rubbed oil and finally buffed with a new three stage buffing system to provide a smooth finish.

New for this series is a free turning diffused acrylic cell that allows the use of transparent and opaque hand made glass items to be used. The dry object cell contains over 30 pieces of lampworked glass objects and fused pieces to provide a never-ending change of colors and patterns. The artist believes that only real glass items that have been masterfully worked in the flame can create the same rich jewel tones, textures and color blends that this scope delivers.

The object cell end is accomplished by laminating 13 layers of wood together to achieve the final results. Even the eye piece has 7 layers. This technique is called lamination woodturning. Very few wood workers use this technique to accomplish a very subtle level of detail.

The mirror system in this scope is a perfect 10 point mandala. A new style of teardrop eye hole combined with a magnifying lens really highlights the quality of the lampworking.

All of the sample interior images shown here are from this scope. The pictures are very close, but they do not capture the true beauty, scale and variety of the images that this kaleidoscope is capable of. You will not be disappointed!

Additional internal images can be seen at - www.artscopes.com/ap_2008/number7/imageindex.html

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Real Sample Image from Number 7 Real Sample Image from Number 7 Real Sample Image from Number 7